Aurora's House of Horror – Aurora’s Spookiest Haunted House

Come Experience the Thrills at Aurora’s Spookiest Haunted House – All October Long!

For Five Weekends in October, at five convenient Aurora locations, Aurora’s House of Horrors is delivering thrills and chills to young ghosts, old goblins, and everyone in between. Prepare for the frights and delights with your friends and family.



Looking for Frights?

- With ten rooms overflowing with wicked witches, massive monsters, gruesome ghosts and evil auras, Aurora’s House of Horror is the most frightening place to be, all October long! Each room is packed with paranormal thrills sure to get your heart pounding.

Looking for Family?

- While Aurora’s House of Horror is the spookiest place this side of the Rockies, if you come with children who want a calmer venture (or if you want one!), we can provide flashlights for you to carry throughout the experience to let our ghoulish haunted staff know to spare you their biggest scares.

Looking for Local?

- With the Haunted House hitting five different locations around Aurora on five different weekends across October, check our schedule to find out when we will be in your neighborhood! Don’t miss out on all of the frightening fun!



  • Oct. 1-3, 2021Buckingham Village

    1555 S Havana St.
    Aurora, CO 80427

    Haunted Rumors: The site of the first ghost sighting in Colorado in 1842 when Fur Trappers encountered the Spirit of the Rockies

  • Oct. 8-10, 2021Granada Park Shopping Center

    15401 E Mississippi Ave.
    Aurora, CO 80017

    Haunted Rumors: The site of an Old Hotel where lightbulbs would unscrew themselves and children’s laughter could be heard down the empty corridors.

  • Oct. 15-17, 2021Havana Exchange Shopping Center

    2712 S Havana St.
    Aurora, CO 80014

    Haunted Rumors: Legend has it that Buffalo Bill cursed this wretched ground during his first trek across the Rockies, and that curse remains to this day...

  • Oct. 22-24, 2021Southlands Mall

    6369 S Southlands Pkwy.
    Aurora, CO 80016

    Haunted Rumors: The memories of the Wild West still echo in this location, where locals say you can hear faint shots from the showdowns of centuries ago.

  • Oct. 29-31, 2021Parker Landing Shopping Center

    3100 S Parker Rd.
    Aurora, CO 80014

    Haunted Rumors: The site of an old prison intended to house thieves in the Old West, long since demolished, many say the ghosts of the prisoners still search for treasures to steal 'til this very day.



Daniel Beals is the founder of Aurora’s House of Horrors, and a Halloween enthusiast since birth. Fall has always been his favorite time of year, as he is obsessed with all things spooky and paranormal. His favorite movies include Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”, Jonathan Demme’s “Silence of the Lambs”, and Kenny Ortega’s “Hocus Pocus”. Being such a Halloween zealot, Daniel has long dreamed of bringing a House of Horrors to his beloved community of Aurora, Colorado. For the past several years, he has run a successful Christmas-time Pop-up across the Denver area, but this year he has decided to pursue his true passion: Halloween.

By taking the years of experience of running a successful Christmas-time Pop-Up, and channeling that through his passion for Halloween, Daniel is confident he has created the BEST Haunted House in the greater Denver area. You are not going to want to miss out on all of the frights and delights at Aurora’s House of Horrors – All October long!


Fear not! As mentioned above, if you or anyone in your party doesn’t want to experience the full, terrifying thrills of the Aurora’s House of Horror, we have a milder experience option available!

Your party will be given flashlights to carry with you through the dark haunted house, not only illuminating your path and shining away some of the screams, but also letting our staff of ghosts and ghouls know that you are there for fun, not frights. They will provide playful spooks as opposed to horrifying scares. This way, Aurora’s House of Horrors is something everyone can enjoy!


Aurora’s House of Horrors is Proud to Partner with Rachel’s Challenge, a charity dedicated to filling schools with hope and freeing them of harassment, violence and self-harm.